Article | 5 mins read

November 15, 2023

Inside OpenAI: How does ChatGPT Ship So Quickly?

Summary ChatGPT ships fast, but it obviously isn’t the first company that did that. I remember Facebook popularized “Break things, Move fast”. One key takeaway here, I guess, is how this can be an antithesis of the remote work movement. Although I’ve been a remote engineer since 2018, ever since my former boss Mike Leach sold “remote-first” work environments to me, I still resonate more with in-person communication as a much more effective tool for collaboration and getting ideas off the ground. Read more
Article | 3 mins read

November 7, 2023

Oh my poor business logic

Summary The post itself has some interesting points to consider. However, I do not fully agree with the point that developers want to learn new technologies just because that is valued more than working on the core business logic. I observe that organizations do value people who work on core business logic more than people who know the latest and greatest. It’s more of a case that sticking to the same company isn’t as rewarding as switching to another company every few years. Read more

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