Dev | 6 mins read

June 12, 2022


Recently, I read the book A Philosophy of Software Design, and one of the key points that stuck with me is Consistency. I read the book at the right time as the company I’m working for was recently acquired. And one of the usual ceremonies during such transitions is the merging of teams, either merging whole teams or moving people around to different teams. It means that we must discuss whatever process, conventions, and approaches would the team abide by, and set those in paper again. Read more
Life | 7 mins read

January 10, 2022

Registering as an independent contractor

Tax. As an employee, di mo yan matatakasan. But as an independent contractor, ala non-licensed professional, consultant, freelancer, yada yada, madaling takasan ang tax. Wag ka lang mag bayad, wag magarbo ang buhay, wag mansyon ang bahay, wag magyabang, maging mabaet sa kapwa, at ma e-evade mo yang tax na yan. Pag ginawa mo yun, ha, isa kang masamang tao. Since I pride myself as the most humblestest and kindest person in the whole world, evading my tax obligations is a no go. Read more
Toys | 1 min read

July 3, 2020

Generate TS Interfaces from JSON or XML

While working on XJS 3, I had to frequently parse the XML strings that the XBC core is sending to me, and then create an interface for TS so that tslint would stop complaining my use of any. With that, I created a tool to automatically generate the interfaces for me, along with a JSON output just so that I can inspect how the XML would look like when parsed. Read more
Co-Working | 3 mins read

September 1, 2019

A Day at Launchpad

After moving on from WeRemote, we decided to try out a space near one of our Colleague who is somewhere at the south. We tried out Launchpad at Alabang. The price was way cheaper compared to all of the other spaces that we tried out, but with that came a lot of drawbacks. Let me break it down. The Good Environment. Alabang area is quite a nice place to work at. Read more
Co-Working | 6 mins read

August 12, 2019

The almost perfect co-working space - WeRemote

Our last co-working space that we tried out was The Loft, which had set the bar a little high since I was genuinely impressed with it. Although I was quite happy with it, the parking around The Loft was quite pricy for a 8 hour stay. I could easily be paying around 200 to 300 pesos a day just for the parking. So, while looking for a new place to eat, we stumbled across WeRemote which is located at Metrowalk, a sort-of establishment/center that had a huge free parking lot as long as you were a customer of Metrowalk’s tenants. Read more