Who are we? We're a couple. We're software engineers. And this was supposed to be our little family's website.
What's in here? The root domain only holds this vanity landing page. The subdomains and trailing paths are used for our experiments and pet projects.

Working in B2B projects could get boring at times. Although DC is also a consultant for an exciting cutting edge consumer-facing company, there are times that some interesting tech just won't fit. Side projects are just a means to get our feet wet on exciting new tech.

Actually, most of the time, it's just that we need a specific tool but the existing tools are SaaS products with a monthly price that is expensive for its purpose.

We also have our blog as a subdomain where we share thoughts that is sort of ok to share publicly. It's mostly about side projects and career tips, ie. the part of our diary that could be posted in a public space.

You can reach out to DC through: