Here’s a list of equipments and tools that I use for work and personal work-like hobbies.


  • 13" MacBook Air M1 (Work, company provided).
  • 14" MacBook Pro M1 Max (Personal, experiments, personal projects).
  • Lenovo Q24H-10 23.8" Monitor.
  • Keychron K3 Mechanical Keyboard.
  • Magic Mouse.
  • AirPods Pro.



  • I use Warp.
  • I use Fish as my command line shell.

Other Dev-ish Tools

  • I use Fork as my go-to Git GUI client. (I have a license, another weird flex.)
    • I also have a license for Sublime Merge since I bought it as a bundle with Sublime Text 4.
    • Sublime Merge has better keyboard shortcuts, but you have no control on how the git log graph is grouped unlike in Fork. The whole purpose of using a Git GUI Client is for the graph though, so it’s a deal breaker.
    • Resource usage wise, both are comparable, hovering around 100-300MB depending on how many repos are opened at a time.
      • Sublime Merge - Written in C++.
      • Fork - Objective-C + Swift.
  • While TablePlus for relational databases. Bought the standard license for 2 devices, should’ve just got the basic one for 1 device :|
  • I use MongoDB Compass for… MongoDB.
  • Figma at work, Penpot for personal endeavors.
  • Excalidraw for quick diagrams and even wireframes.
  • I still use Balsamiq Wireframes Desktop app. For some reason, it’s still faster to wireframe using Balsamiq.

Productivity Apps

Other Apps for weird flex

  • I am unfortunately sucked into Steve’s walled garden, so I use Apple Music.
  • Apple Podcasts.
  • Reeder 5 to stay up to date with my favorite bloggers.
  • Kindle for my ebooks
  • OneDrive as my backup storage.
    • Side note: Microsoft 365 Family is the cheapest “known” cloud service out there, even if you don’t get to take full advantage of its office desktop apps.
    • My wife went back to Android, so we’ll use M$ for anything collaborative (Word, Excel, etc.).
  • Unfortunately, iCloud for my photos, notes, and files.

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