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In my quest to continuously learn, here’s a nice list to flex what I was able to finish, not necessarily to the point that I can call myself as an expert to whatever subject matter the book or course covered :P.

Hopefully all books I read is in goodreads too, so that I can simply rely on the widget below to show what I’m currently reading.

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Udemy splurges

I’m a little skeptical that the majority of the videos in Udemy are of acceptable quality, but I can swear by a couple of instructors that has honed the art of teaching through a screen. Some of my favorite instructors are Dr. Angela Yu and Stephen Grider.

I’ll only list down the courses that I did finish from start to end, to spare me the embarrassment of splurging a lot and never finishing any. It’s the kind of illness similar to those sucked in by the infamous Steam Sale.

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