Life | 2 mins read

October 26, 2022


I subscribed to MoneyWiz a couple of months ago and decided to check out the pretty charts it can generate. The charts were indeed pretty, but the numbers were not.

The main culprit is business expenses, which I must check with my wife if her business’ profits are enough to cover those operating expenses or not. It is just a few months in, so the operating expenses are coming out from our family budget as was agreed upon when she initially floated the idea.

The next culprit is food, which unfortunately is something that I do not think we can workaround due to the lack of time, which means we could not really cook much for ourselves. We have spent a whopping 54k-55k in the span of 30 days on Grab food alone.

With my quest to tighten up our belt, I decided to find which of the bars in the bar chart I can control, and one of which was our online subscription. Funnily enough, MoneyWiz is also a subscription which I intend to continue paying because of the pretty charts.

I have a personal apple one subscription that I want to get rid off, but my kids play games using Apple Arcade. Getting Apple Arcade on its own and getting a Spotify subscription is a lot more expensive compared to Apple One. Well played, Apple.