Co-Working | 4 mins read

February 7, 2019

Co-working at the Loft

After trying out ASPACE, we searched for a co-working space outside of Makati for a change. Our current scrum master decided to checkout [Loft] (, and man was it way better than the previous co-working space we went to.

Like what I did before, let’s drill it down from what’s good to what’s bad.

The Good

Fast Internet. Unlike ASpace, Loft had decent internet speed. The average internet speed is around the border of 40Mbps, which is 8 times faster than ASpace’s internet speed!


If I had to nitpick, the only complaint that I would have is the inferior captive portal (TL;DR: The webpage where you need to input a code to access the internet) and the lack of Ethernet Port for Hot Desk users. Not much of a big deal though, since you most likely won’t bring a whole desktop PC to a co-working space if you’re just gonna use the lounge.

Location. Located at Ortigas, the location is quite advantageous for me. The parking spaces nearby isn’t as overpriced as the ones at Makati, and with it being at the corner of Julia Vargas - Meralco Ave. means that it’s nearby some fancy restaurants for lunch (Ayala 30th, Metrowalk, and all the Korean Restaurants on the way to Metrowalk).

The Vibe. Being at the pent house of a skyscraper means that you would have one of the best views in town. The Loft is at the 43rd floor that overlooks the upper class subdivisions nearby, and Ortigas Center. To say the least, the view will never disappoint you. The meeting rooms that overlook the city is simply one of the best meeting rooms you’ll find, and the fact that you can access the deck (sort of a large balcony/rooftop-like feel) is a plus.

Small meeting room

Large meeting room

As for the interiors, it’s far more “formal” than ASpace, but they smartly incorporated some informal setups which is a plus point IMO.



Hot Desks

The lighting is good too, unlike in ASpace which used yellowish lights.

Utilities. Their comfort rooms is way cleaner and better looking than the average comfort rooms you’d find. Oh, and they do have bidets (apparently, for some people, this is one of the deciding factors when selecting a place to work at :joy:).

They have free cookies, water, and coffee… Although I never got to take advantage of any of those since I like to bring my own drinks.

The Meh

The Seats. The first day we worked here, we were able to hog one of the best tables with really comfy seats (ie. soft cushion chair). But we weren’t that lucky after the first two weeks. Just like in ASpace, most of their chairs are hard plastic or wooden chairs, which isn’t the best seat for working. I mean, almost all, if not all, computer chairs that you can buy are soft cushion chair for a reason.

The Bad

Dedicated Desks. I’m putting this here not because we tried their dedicated desks, but because of others that use dedicated desks which is located near the hot desks. They could get noisy real quick, and I wish they took a private office instead.

I also can’t help but notice that at the other side of the floor, there seems to be an office… but it isn’t enclosed. I’m not sure if that’s their “private” office or those are just dedicated desks, but if that’s the “private” office, then that’s a minus point from me.

It’s hard to get a decent video call compared to ASpace, but I guess that’s why you should book a meeting room instead.

Location. Just like Makati, the traffic is bad at Ortigas, and with the nearby parking spaces located in the inner side of Ortigas, it would be hard to get out of Ortigas due to the traffic.

I’d suggest that you leave Loft around 4pm, or if that’s too early for you, leave around 7pm.


With the price similar to ASpace, I’d definitely recommend Loft to others. The main reason why you would look for a co-working space is to do some work that requires you to be connected to the internet, and with Loft’s fast internet speed, I’d say the 550 pesos is quite a steal.

The lighting is great too, which means that your eyes won’t quickly tire out.

Was our stay at the Loft outstanding? Yes, considering how much better the experience was compared to the previous place we tried out. So, if you’re looking for a place to work, you should check out the Loft.