Life | 8 mins read

September 11, 2018

On to a new challenge

I’ve been working for SplitmediaLabs for the past 4 years. To be honest, I always thought that I would stick with SplitmediaLabs for longer than my previous work, possibly till I am too old to work, as this company was the best company I had ever worked for. But alas, times had changed, and my current situation made another offer look a lot more attractive that I decided to take a leap of fate and grabbed the opportunity. Read more
Talk | 2 mins read

May 23, 2018

JavaScript for Desktop - Talk in FEU

Yesterday, I had the priviledge to give a talk at FEU Institute of Technology about using web technologies to create desktop applications. For the past few years, I’ve been working on a desktop application wherein the UI component is basically a browser. The experiences I accumulated with this project made me want to share my rants and lessons learned while leading the project, which I then turned into a talk. Read more
Css | 2 mins read

March 4, 2017

Responsive web designs through EQCSS

EQCSS allows us to style elements based on the element’s state. It is similar to CSS’ media queries, but with the added feature to style elements based on the element’s dimension and contents, and not just based on the browser’s width and height. This got me interested since my previous project’s longstanding issue was with how the app should look like based on a combination of two factors: The window’s size and the number of elements inside the container. Read more